the oriental hotels and resort

The Oriental is a brand of hotels and resorts that prides itself on refreshing service and refreshing people. The Oriental Hotels presents a medley of relaxing resorts and hotels with easy access to exciting attractions, historic settings, fun – filled family programs, adventure trekking, local cultural programs, exquisite shopping, beautiful golf courses and indulgent spa services.

From spectacular bay sunsets and urban cityscapes to lovely ocean views, there’s a perfect Oriental Hotel just for you.


To provide our guest with the finest services and utmost comfort to fully maximize the experience and flavor of localities.


To become the country’s leading hotel group – providing only the best services grounded on Filipino hospitality and generosity, with a will to continue developing to further meet our guest’s needs.

Corporate Information:

The Oriental Hotels & Resorts is the latest addition to the LKY Group of Companies. From being a major player in the retail business since its initial inception in 1964, LKY has, at present, become a force to contend with in the field of franchising and operating major food chains in Sorsogon, Naga, Tabaco and Legazpi and also in Quezon City.

LKY Development Corporation, acronyms for its founder and patriarch Mr. Lee King Yek, was formally organized in 1995 with its main line of business focusing on sourcing possible leasable spaces and establishments to marketers and business entrepreneurs. LKY Development Corporation also undertook various subdivision planning and development, construction of commercial buildings and shelters, and the improvement of housing and building facilities.

LKY Development Corporation’s ambitious undertakings include operation of the Legazpi Grand Terminal which is considered the first ever state – of – the – art transport terminal in the South. The Grand Terminal offers residents and commuters an impressive roster of dining choices, shopping finds, and entertainment and leisure sites.

To complement, LKY PROPERTY HOLDINGS, INC., was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1994. It was meant to acquire and consolidate ownership of all real estate properties of the Lee Family.

In September 1995, LKY RESORTS AND HOTELS, INC. was conceived and organized by the Lee Family to manifest its commitment to excellence in leisure, elegance, and fine living. It was conceived to acquire and operate resorts and hotels, to address the surge in demands for exquisite accommodation and first class service by both International and local visitors with a focus on regional tourist destination.

With the diversified business potency, the Lee Family strengthened and put together all their business units and other interests into one umbrella organization called ‘THE LKY GROUP’. Fittingly said, the LKY GROUP was founded on perseverance, dedication to craft, discipline, hard work, and sheer sweat. This continuing legacy is currently being carried over and lived by its President and CEO Mr. Wilbert T. Lee.